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Số lượt truy cập: 6.097.009
Số người đang xem:  140
Harcourt Leveled Readers - Bộ 412 Sách Điện Tử Luyện Nói Tiếng Anh
Harcourt Leveled Readers - Bộ 412 Sách Điện Tử Luyện Nói Tiếng Anh

Harcourt Leveled Readers - Bộ 412 Sách Điện Tử Luyện Nói Tiếng Anh

Cập nhật cuối lúc 14:05 ngày 27/04/2015, Đã xem 1 512 lần
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  Đơn giá bán: 30 000 đ
  VAT: Liên hệ
  Model: EB263
  Tình trạng: Còn hàng   Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

Đặt mua sản phẩm

40, Đường Số 6, P.Bình Chiểu, Thủ Đức, Hồ Chí Minh
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Harcourt Leveled Readers là bộ sách điện tử cực kỳ hoành tráng do 2 nhà xuất bản hàng đầu thế giới là Harcourt và Pearson hợp tác ấn hành. Với hơn 412 cuốn (PDF) có phần Audio được tích hợp ngay vào trong mỗi câu thoại của từng chủ đề nên cực kỳ tiện dụng cho việc luyện đọc và khám phá khoa học cũng như tìm hiểu các kiến thức về các chuyên nghành khác nhau.

DVD Harcourt Leveled Readers dành cho cả giáo viên, sinh viên, học sinh và cả bé trước tuổi đến trường nữa, toàn bộ chương trình chia làm 6 giai đoạn và một bộ Kindergarten 28 cuốn (Pdf) dành cho trẻ mẫu giáo. Khi đọc sách, bất kỳ khi nào thấy biểu tượng hình chiếc loa cạnh bên câu thoại, bạn chỉ cần nhấp vào nó là có thể nghe được phần phát âm.

Với sự phong phú trong thể loại, đa dạng về đề tài, hấp dẫn về nội dụng, hoàn hảo về bố cục và vô cùng thẩm mỹ trong cách trình bày nên đây là bộ sưu tập nên có cho tất cả mọi người, tất cả những ai muốn cải thiện kỹ năng đọc, khả năng nghe cũng như tất cả những ai muốn đưa khả năng giảng dạy của mình lên một tầm cao mới. Toàn bộ series chứa trong 1 DVD duy nhất.

Dưới đây là nội dung chi tiết của series Harcourt Leveled Readers:

- Above Me
- Animal Helpers
- Animals
- Celebrate the Seasons
- City in Motion
- Changes
- Do Animals Live in Plants
- From Here to There
- Highest and Lowest
- Honoring Heroes
- Hospital Workers
- I Follow the Rules
- Kinds of Weather
- Learning from the Past
- Lets Visit a Museum
- Look Out!
- My Earth
- My Mom the Mayor
- My Senses
- Off to Work We Go
- People and Places
- Proud to Be an American
- Safety Is Our Job
- Shadows
- Tell About Toys
- Time Keepers
- The Garden
- The Pilgrims
- The Pilgrims
- The Pilgrims

Grade 1:
- Bess and Tess
- Lets Vote!
- Strange Laws
- All About Animals
- Environments for Living Things
- All About Plants
- Natural Resources
- News Travels Fast
- Places to Live
- Motion
- Measuring Weather
- Heat, Light, and Sound
- All About Matter
- We Live Here
- Rock Soup
- All Kinds of Markets
- The Path
- Objects in the Sky
- The Bird in the Plum Tree NO AUDIO
- The Star-Spangled Banner
- Family Life - Then and Now
- Seasons
- People and Energy
- Plants, Plants, Everywhere
- Two Snails NO AUDIO
- Girl Detectives
- Our Earth
- Animal Groups
- Earths Resources
- Animals and Plants
- This Rocks!
- Side by Side
- Forests, Deserts, and Oceans
- My Earth
- The Edge of the Puddle - A Play
- An Afternoon Nap
- The Four Seasons
- All About Pigs
- The Picnic in the Park
- Keep Well Day
- Water Cycle
- Why Do People Need Food
- Ann Gets a Map
- Ready, Set, Sleep
- Follow Me
- In Motion!
- Habitats
- Talent Night
- Red, White, and Boom
- Look Up! Our Sky
- Fantastic Fruit
- Ants Are Busy
- Weather Safety
- My Town
- Move It!
- All Sorts of Sports
- Web of Life
- Around the Zoo with Baboon
- Cindys Cellar
- What Do You Eat
- Four Seasons on a Farm
- Cat in Boots
- Going Shopping
- Sun Time!
- Land and Water
- Rainy Day Pals
- Just Around the Corner
- Lions
- Little Pig at the State Fair
- Two Little Ants
- Looking for Clues
- Heat, Light, and Sound NO AUDIO
- Ride On
- In the City Park
- A Honey of a Story
- The Surprise Box
- Sport Will Try
- Pet Day
- My Friend
- Kyles Attic
- Baboons Park
- Young Animals
- Pop the Corn
- Working Hard
- What is Matter NO AUDIO
- Bird Beaks and Bills
- Soon I Will
- Dr Brown at Work
- The Wright Brothers
- I Have a Robot
- My Cats
- Flip, the Funny Fish
- Tales of Mr Map
- Andys New House
- Play Ball!
- What Is in the Box
- The Box
- Invent an Insect
- Go Cat!
- Pat the Cat
- What Do They Make
- A Corn Husk Doll
- A Pet to the Vet
- Stefan Is a Sculptor
- A Bug and a Pup
- My Friend, Boots
- Frogs
- Apples
- Max
- Jan Has a Doll
- On a Raft
- A Hat
- Boots for Red
- A Good Sport
- A Hat for Sam

Grade 2:
- 500 Isabels
- A Cowboys Life
- A Matter of Change
- A Pinch of This and That
- A Trip Down a River
- A Trip on Dinosaur Airlines
- A Year-Round Tree
- All About Snakes
- Alone Time, Together Time
- Businesses Depend on Each Other
- By the North Star
- Changing Shapes
- Easy Does It!
- Exploring Earths Surface NO AUDIO
- Forms of Water
- Helping Our World
- Home Sweet Home NO AUDIO
- Light and Heat NO AUDIO
- Living Off the Land
- Many People, Many Cultures
- Matter Matters!
- Motion
- Natural Resources NO AUDIO
- North, South, East, West
- Observing and Classifying Matter NO AUDIO
- Our Government at Work
- Our Natural Resources
- Our Solar System NO AUDIO
- Rain or Shine
- Sail Like a Viking!
- Sams Chase
- Saving Ben
- Secrets from a Cave
- Shake It Up
- Slinky for Sale
- Sound
- Staying Warm
- Suprises In Grandmas Garden
- The Caterpillar and the Cave NO AUDIO
- The Dog and His Shadow
- The Giants Sock
- The Hidden Energy in Plants
- The Journey of the Monarch
- The Return of the Peregrine Falcon
- The Seed Surprise
- The Solar System
- The Talking Drums
- The Tree House
- The World Under the Water
- This Changing Earth NO AUDIO
- Transportation Yesterday and Today
- Travels with Dad
- Very Cool Rain
- Wait for Me, Captain!
- Way to Grow! NO AUDIO
- What Are Light and Heat NO AUDIO
- What Children Play
- What Do I Look Like
- What Do We Need
- What is Sound NO AUDIO
- What Jasons Mom Didnt See
- What Time Is It
- Working at the Airport
- Yes You Can Kerry
- Zoom! Zoom!

Grade 3:
- A Circle Story NO AUDIO
- A Trip to the Ocean Floor
- All About Energy
- Amazing Colors
- Amazing Plants
- Basement Basketball
- Be Careful! Turtles Ahead
- Better Than Gold
- Catch the Sun!
- City Celebrations
- Community History
- Cooking With Machines
- Could a Polar Bear Survive in the Desert
- Deefer
- Dinosaur Times
- Earth - The Water Planet
- Electricity and Magnets
- Energy
- Friends Forever
- Giggle and Snort
- Hale and Bopp - Two Guys Make History
- Heat, Light, and Sound
- High Tide
- How Fire Came to the World
- Invisible Pull - Electricity and Magnets
- Its Electric
- Jouney Into Earth
- Learning About Heat, Light, and Sound
- Living Things Are All Around Us NO AUDIO
- Living Things Grow and Change NO AUDIO
- Making the Right Moves
- Making Work Easier
- Matter Is Everything!
- Mischa Learns English NO AUDIO
- Mountain Home NO AUDIO
- Moving and Changing
- My Pet Project
- Our Place in Space
- Patterns - Do You See What I See
- Paul Bunyan Moves Out
- People and the Land
- People From Many Places
- Piano Piece
- Pony Express to the Rescue
- Poor Richard
- Properties of Matter
- Protecting Resources
- Ring of Fire
- Roberts Rules
- Saving Earths Resources
- Smoky Mountain Mystery
- Student of the Week NO AUDIO
- Subway Series
- Tiny, Terrific Debbie Black
- Turtle at Home
- Turtle Story
- Types of Living Things
- Types of Plants
- The Baker and the Rings
- The Best Thanksgiving
- The Case of the Missing Case
- The Changing Forms of Water NO AUDIO
- The Derby
- The Moon NO AUDIO
- The Race Across Alaska
- The Water Cycle
- The Wonderful World of Plants NO AUDIO
- The World Next Door
- Thinking About Motion
- Understanding the Food Chain NO AUDIO
- We Live in Communities
- What Is This
- What Kind of Animal
- What Makes It Move
- Whats Heavy
- Where Living Things Are Found

Grade 4:
- A Good Combination NO AUDIO
- A Time for Peace
- A Thousand Words
- Amelia Earhart - An American Flying Pioneer
- An Interview with the Grimm Brothers
- Bravo!
- Critters of the Urban Wilderness
- Days of the Exodusters
- Detecting Acids and Bases
- Eyes in the Sky
- Fire and Ice NO AUDIO
- Fun with Paper NO AUDIO
- Ghirardelli Square
- Gold Rush News
- Growing a City Garden
- Hiding to Survive
- Inventing a Better Tomorrow
- Its Current!
- Its Dark Down Here!
- Kennys Tomatoes
- Kids Collect! NO AUDIO
- Landforms NO AUDIO
- Listening by Design
- Little Big Horns
- Lost in the Sea of Grass
- My Greatest Wish
- North of the Rio Grande
- Playing with Machines
- Prairie Dog Town
- Rancho La Brea
- Summer Mystery
- Tall Tales, Big Numbers
- Today I Am an American
- Two Families NO AUDIO
- The Amazing One-of-a Kind Parrot
- The Bird on the Beach
- The Emperor and the Peasant Boy
- The Golden Runner
- The Guest Who Forgot to Leave
- The Girl in the Photo
- The Honest Neigbors
- The Land of Little Water
- The Little School in the Valley
- The Masterpiece NO AUDIO
- The Rain Forest Is Their Home NO AUDIO
- The Rajas Elephants
- The Return of the Wolf
- Three Kite Tales
- Walking to Nebraska NO AUDIO
- Where Theres Smoke, Theres Fire
- Young Jose and His Paint Box

Grade 5:
- A Drummers Dream NO AUDIO
- Adventure at Kitty Hawk
- Advertising in Action
- Alligators and the Everglades
- Always in Style
- Animal Growth and Heredity
- Baseball from Soaking to Satchel
- Building a Government
- Classifying Living Things
- Charge It! How Electricity Works
- Early People in the Holy Land
- Earth and Beyond
- Estrella, Shining Brightly
- Exploring the Everglades
- Extreme U.S
- Forces at Work
- Fossils
- Good-Bye Country, Hello City
- Having a Great Time at Camp Resolve NO AUDIO
- Hindu Gods and Goddesses
- Jazz - Americas Musical Gift to the World
- Klondy and the Wolf Dog NO AUDIO
- Kwans Big Performance NO AUDIO
- Lets Talk About Parrots
- Living History Day
- Louis Arrow and the Bulls-Eyes
- Marjory Stoneman Douglas NO AUDIO
- Meet Manuel
- My Life in a Picture Book
- New Technology in the Civil War
- Oregon Trail Days
- Organization Is the Key
- Our Ancestors
- Properties of Matter
- Rest in Peace - Egyptian Tombs
- Reusing Rocks
- Sailing Ancient Seas
- Sound and Light
- Struggle for Independence
- Tiptoes at the Top of the World
- The Life of an Oak Tree
- War Between the States
- Yellowstone Geology at Work NO AUDIO

Grade 6:
- A Conversation About Life in the Ocean
- A Message in Cybertime
- An Interview with Otzi NO AUDIO
- Ancient Stringed Instruments NO AUDIO
- Animals of the Frozen South
- Around the World of Music
- At Home in the Sea NO AUDIO
- Atoms and Elements
- Bright Ideas - Communicating with Fiber Optics
- Bright Ideas
- Building the Past
- Bus Stop
- Cave Painting to E-mail
- Chuc Mung Nam Moi - Happy New Year!
- Ecosystems
- Energy
- Flat or Round
- Floodplain
- Forms of Energy
- Full Count
- Greetings from Ancient Greece
- Girls to the Rescue
- How Rivers Shape the Land
- How to Be Popular
- How to Be Popular
- Iron - A Gift from the Earth
- Josies Journal
- Journey in Time - Conversations with Inventors
- Making Mountains
- Mine for a Song
- My Trip to the Stone Age
- The Dramatic Planet - Earth and Weather
- The Nature of Motion
- The World of Atoms
- Work and Simple Machines
- Work and Simple Machines

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Nhà xuất bản: Harcourt & Pearson
Tác giả: Harcourt & Pearson Team
Thể loại: Đĩa DVD (PDF, Audio Integrated)
Định dạng: PDF

Màu sắc: Ebook màu
Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh
Năm xuất bản: 2014

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